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Would You Like To Study The Bible Seriously?

Our Mission

Our Mission

Offering Bible study opportunities to anyone in the North Texas area, who wants to increase their understanding of God’s word.

Absolutely Free

On Your Schedule

No Obligations

For your growth

We reside in Lewisville, TX and our goal is to share the word of God with anyone who is seeking.  We have no goals or agendas besides sharing truth.

Are you ready to stop trading opinions and start real Bible study?

Would you like to know how the whole book fits together?

Do you know why there is an Old and a New Testament?

Would you like to read the Bible with more confidence? 

Do you wish the Bible was more useful in your daily life?

Online Meet Up Study

Online Meet Up Study

Tuesday Nights

7:00 PM

Free To Join & Participate!

Request A Study
Request A Study
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