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Our Assembly Times:
Sunday @ 9:00 AM,  Wednesday @ 7:00 PM

Bible Classes

A Better Covenant

Benjamin Lee

A Study Through The Gospel of Luke

Matthew Gardener & Benjamin Lee

Better Things: A Study of Hebrews

Kyle Schlabach & Matt Wallace


Dan Fontenot

Daily Bible Reading

Various Speakers


Benjamin Lee

Kingdom Leaders

The Elders

Learning From The Psalms

Various Teachers

New Testament Epistles

Benjamin Lee & Kevin Carlile

Out of Egypt

Myles Hester

Overcoming Sin

Dane Felicien


Benjamin Lee

Spiritual Warfare

Benjamin Lee

The Acts of the Apostles

Stewart Coffman & Steven Estes

The Holy Spirit

Steven Estes

The New Testament Church

Darren Martin, Adam McCollough

Current Classes

All Classes

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