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Our Assembly Times:
Sunday @ 9:00 AM,  Wednesday @ 7:00 PM

Study Files

These are files on various Bible subjects that you can use for personal studies or for studies with others.

Don't See What You Need?

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

What must I do to be saved? There are so many "paths" to God out in the world. How do I know which one is correct?

What Does The Bible Say About Baptism?

What does the Bible say about baptism? Is it really necessary? What purpose does it serve?

Two Covenants

What is the difference between the Old & New Testament? What applications can be made from each?

What Will Happen On The Last Day?

What will happen when the world ends? What happens to us after we die?

What Is The Eternal Destiny of Man

What happens to us after we die? Is Heaven a real place? Is Hell a real place?

Presenting The Gospel

What are some strategies I could use to help me learn to spread the Gospel with others?

Overview of the Bible

I don't know very much about my Bible? How does the whole story fit together? Where do we fit into it?

Open Book Bible Study

I don't know very much about the Bible or Christianity? Where should I start?

The New Testament Church

What was God's intention for the Church in the new Testament? What patterns are laid out in the Bible for us to follow?

New Convert Study

What should my life look like now that I'm a Christian? Are there expectations of me moving forward?

It's Not Rocket Science?

How do I go about teaching people the Gospel? It seems too hard. Is it something I can really do?

Is The Bible The Word of God?

Is the Bible really from God? Did he really speak these words? Wasn't the Bible written by men?

Is Jesus Christ The Son of God?

Is Jesus of Nazareth really the son of God? Or was he just merely a good man of God?

God's Perfect Plan

Why did God create us? What was the purpose of the various things we have record of in our Bible? How do I fit into the plan God has for the world?

Fit For The Master's Use

As a new Christian and follower of Christ, what do I do now? Are there expectations of me now?

Does God Exist?

How do we really know that God exists? Can we prove it?

Denominations of Christianity

Why are there so many Churches in the world Today? Which one is right? How do we know our's is right?

Counting The Cost

Why is my life still so difficult as a follower of Christ? Is following Christ really worth it? Why Should I keep following Christ?

10 Good Reasons To Believe That Jesus Is The Christ

How do we know that Jesus of Nazareth was truly the fulfillment of prophecy about a coming savior?

10 Good Reasons To Believe In The Resurrection

Did Jesus really come back from the dead? Why does that matter?

10 Good Reasons To Believe In The Bible

Why should I trust that the Bible is from God? Is it worth reading? Why should this book direct my life?

10 Good Reasons To Be In God's Family

Why should I attend worship with a local congregation? Do I need to place membership? Do they really need me?

10 Good Reasons To Be Baptized

Why should I be baptized? What is it? Is it really necessary?

Basic Bible Timeline

What is the overall story of the Bible? Who are the people talked about and how do they fit together?

10 Good Reasons To Believe

Why should I believe in the Bible and the things it teaches?

Why Do I Need Jesus?

What does Jesus have to do with me? Why should I follow him? Should he really matter to my life?

Bible Authority

How do we know what is right and wrong in today's religious world? How do we know we have authority for what we do?

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