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Our Assembly Times:
Sunday @ 9:00 AM,  Wednesday @ 7:00 PM

Looking To Gain More Knowledge About God and the Bible?

Let Us Help Guide You Through It

Bible Suggestions

Having the right Bible is very important.  Not every version of the Bible on shelves today accurately reflects the scripture, as written by the original writers, who God inspired to write the books of the Bible.  

Here are two affordable options of versions that accurately reflect the scripture as God intended it without interference from men.

ESV Economy Bible.jpeg

English Standard Version

NKJV Economy Bible.jpeg

New King James Version

Texas Bible Study_BOLD.png

Would You Like To Study The Bible Seriously?

If you would like to sit down and study the Bible, one-on-one, Let us know.  We would be happy to meet with you.

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

What must I do to be saved? There are so many "paths" to God out in the world. How do I know which one is correct?

What Does The Bible Say About Baptism?

What does the Bible say about baptism? Is it really necessary? What purpose does it serve?

10 Good Reasons To Believe In The Bible

Why should I trust that the Bible is from God? Is it worth reading? Why should this book direct my life?

10 Good Reasons To Be Baptized

Why should I be baptized? What is it? Is it really necessary?

10 Good Reasons To Believe

Why should I believe in the Bible and the things it teaches?

Why Do I Need Jesus?

What does Jesus have to do with me? Why should I follow him? Should he really matter to my life?

Studies On Becoming A Christian

Two Covenants

What is the difference between the Old & New Testament? What applications can be made from each?

Overview of the Bible

I don't know very much about my Bible? How does the whole story fit together? Where do we fit into it?

Is The Bible The Word of God?

Is the Bible really from God? Did he really speak these words? Wasn't the Bible written by men?

Basic Bible Timeline

What is the overall story of the Bible? Who are the people talked about and how do they fit together?

Bible Authority

How do we know what is right and wrong in today's religious world? How do we know we have authority for what we do?

Studies To Grow Your Bible Knowledge

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