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Our Assembly Times:
Sunday @ 9:00 AM,  Wednesday @ 7:00 PM

Becoming Like Christ

Benjamin Lee, Ken Weliever

Becoming Like Christ - 2018 Theme Introduction

Developing The Attitude of Christ

Loving Like Jesus

Developing An Attitude of Joy

The Joy of Salvation

Patience: Learning Long-suffering Like Jesus

The Purpose of Church

Be Kind

Do Good

Humility: A Christ-Like Attitude

A Letter of Faith

The Persistent Widow

Gentleness in the Home

Control What You Can Control

Strive for Excellence

Not My Will, But Yours.

Be Merciful

Be Merciful: Two Possibilities

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Joy, salvation, peace, patience, long, suffering, church, kind, good, kindness, goodness, humility, humble, persistent widow, faith, gentleness, fruit, spirit, control, excellence, strive, striving, will, mery, merciful

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